Horticulture Section started functioning as a division in College of Agriculture, Dhule since 1960. The section imparts adequate training to students in the methods of production technology of fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops, nursery management of horticultural crops and fruit and vegetable preservation. For this purpose a teaching garden of 33.48 ha is attached to this section.

Important Activities

  • Teaching
  • Research


Different scientists of this department through different ways undertook the transfer of advanced technology in the field of horticultural crops.

  1. Taking visits of farmers, students and staff members visiting the horticulture section and guiding them on various aspects.
  2. Through attending farmers’ rallies, training programmes organized by Agriculture Departments and other Government Institutes.
  3. Published Nine Marathi Bulletins on Production Technology of Mango, Banana, Aonla, Pomegranate, Custard apple, Papaya, Fig, Kagzi Lime and Sweet Orange and 277 Marathi popular articles in different Marathi leading Newspapers and Monthly Agricultural Magazines.
  4. Extension work through Radio and TV Programmes.
  5. Attended and guided several farmers about Improved Production Technology of different fruit crops, vegetable crops and flower crops through farmer’s rallies.
  6. Attended Monthly District Workshops, farmers training classes as well as officer training classes to deliver the lectures through presentation on various aspects related to horticultural crops organized by KVK, NGO, State Agriculture Department from time to time.


i. Courses and credits for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture -


Sr. No. Semister Course No. Credits Course title
1 I HORT-111 2 (1+1) Fundamentals of Horticulture
  II FRST-121 2(1+1) Introduction to Forestry
2 III HORT-232 2 (1+1) Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices
3 IV HORT-243 2 (1+1) Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
4 V HORT-354 2 (1+1) Production Technology for ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping
5 V ELE HORT-355 3 (2+1) Protected cultivation of horticultural crops
6 VI HORT-366 2 (1+1) Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables
7 VI ELE HORT-367 3 (2+1) Landscaping
8 VI ELE HORT 368 3 (2+1) Hi-tech Horticulture
9 VIII ELM HORT 489 10 (0+10) Commercial Horticulture
10 VIII ELM HORT 4810 10 (0+10) Floriculture and Landscape Gardening
11 VIII ELM HORT 4811 10 (0+10) Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops
12 VIII ELM HORT 4812 10 (0+10) Commercial Vegetable Production
13 VIII ELM HORT 4813 10 (0+10) Protected Cultivation of Flowers and Vegetables
13 VIII ELM HORT 4814 10 (0+10) Post-harvest Management and Value Additions of Horticultural Crops

ii. Courses and credits for M.Sc. (Hort.)in fruit Science

Sr. No.


Course No.


Course Title





Tropical Fruit Production





Sub- Tropical and Temperate Fruit Production





Growth and Development of Fruit Crops





Propagation and Nursery Management of Fruit Crops





Breeding of Fruit Crops





Systematics of Fruit Crops





Canopy Management in Fruit Crops







Name of Faculty Dr. S. D. Patil
Mobile No. 9420536971
Email ID drsunilpatil19@gmail.com
Designation Professor of Horticulture (CAS)
Qualification Ph.D. 
Area of Specialization Vegetable Science
Publication ( Only nos )
Scientific 38
Technical 44
Extension 70
Books 09
Quality Manuals 30
Book Chapter 15
Radio Talk 20
Research Recommendation 01
Any other info (very specific)
  1. Successfully completed “Massive Open Online Course of Micro teaching on Competency Enhancement through Micro Teaching Methodology” conducted by NAARM, Hyderabad.
  2. Recognized University Teacher for M.Sc. and Ph.D.
  3. Recipient of “Nation Builder Award 2022” from Rotary India Literacy Mission, Rotary Club Dhule Crossroad.
  4. Recipient of “Best Teacher Award 2023”
  5. 1st Prize for Marathi article- “Baliraja Anantrao Randive”- Improved Production Technology of Mango.
  6. Acted as PI & Co-PI for two Adhoc projects.
  7. Associated as scientist in development of onion variety “Phule Samarth”.
Name of Faculty Dr. Nitin R Dalal
Mobile No. 94205 36971
Email ID nitindalal75@gmail.com
Designation Associate Professor of Horticulture
Qualification PhD
  Vegetable Science
Publication ( Only nos )
Scientific 20
Technical 12
Extension 08
Books 02
Manuals 05
Recommendation 07
Any other info (very specific)
  1. Developed variety “Phule Sharbati” of Acid lime.

  2. Associated in development of “Phule Mosambi” variety of Sweet Orange.

  3. Recognized University Teacher for M.Sc.


Infrastructure facilities and development of teaching aids

  1. Prepared photo laminations (225 No.) of improved varieties of fruit, vegetables & flowers, medicinal, aromatic and plantation crops and displayed in laboratories of section for easy understanding of students.
  2. Prepared 5 digital laminated blow up boards of different leading varieties of horticultural crops.
  3. Prepared four glass door showcases for display of fruit and vegetable models & two notice boards.
  4. Developed Seminar hall with furniture and all advanced teaching aids for PG programme including Interactive Classroom Solutions and K-Yan computers.
  5. Upgraded state of art facilities of different audio-video aids i.e. OHP, Computer with printer and scanner for LCD presentation during the lecture and practical classes in students’ academy.
  6. Prepared practical manuals for all eight subjects of horticulture discipline by adding advanced information in the text.
  7. Renovated and upgraded post graduate laboratory with advanced equipments and teaching aids.
  8. Purchased various advanced equipments/machinery required in Post Harvest Technology Laboratory in Horticulture Section, College of Agriculture, Dhule.


  1. Multi-location trials on various crops.

    More than 71 multi-location varietal trials were conducted at this section and reports were submitted to concern breeders regularly. Multi-location trial of Cluster bean, Okra, Sponge gourd, Dolichos bean, Broad bean, Banana and Tube rose were conducted during 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-17, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019.

  2. Seed Production

    Seed production of Seed to bulb and bulb to seed production of Onion cv. Phule Samarth (1.00 ha) were taken and being taken on farm.

  3. Research

    Established and developed Mango based fruit crop modules (Multi fruit cropping system) under rain-fed conditions.

    1. Module 1: Mango cv. Kesar (10 x 10 meter) based mixed fruit system along with Custard apple (Balanagar), Aonla (NA-7) and Drumstick (PKM-1).
    2. Module 2: Module 1: Mango cv. Kesar (10 x 10 meter) based mixed fruit system along with Custard apple (Balanagar) and Aonla (NA-7)-Recommended
    3. Module 3: Mango cv. Kesar (10 x 10 meter) based mixed fruit system along with Custard apple (Balanagar) and Jamun (Gokak).

From above modules Module 2: Module 1: Mango cv. Kesar (10 x 10 meter) based mixed fruit system along with Custard apple (Balanagar) and Aonla (NA-7) is recommended for farmers of Maharashtra.

Nursery Activities

Every year seedlings, grafts, cuttings of various fruit, vegetable, flower and ornamental crops were prepared in sectional nursery and sold to farmers. The benefit of this nursery was taken and being taken by farmers of Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar districts.

Revolving Fund for Nursery and Farm of Horticulture section

During financial year 2008-2009 for strengthening nursery activities and carrying out of various farm operations of farm of horticulture section Refundable Revolving Fund of Rs. 5.00 lakh is received from M.P.K.V., Rahuri.

Revolving fund is being operated at this department since 1-04-2008 with Rs.5,00,000/- received vide Cheque no.107806 dated 31/3/2008. This fund was sanctioned vide No.ACD/HORTA/Released Rev. fund/6637 of 2008, date 31/03/2008 and No.EDN/DNS/T-II/799/ of 2008, dated 14/03/2008. The details of the receipt and expenditure of revolving fund used for nursery activities at Dept. of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Dhule since 2008 is as follows-

Revolving fund position:

Financial Year Opening Balance (Rs) Annual Receipt (Rs) Annual Expenditure (Rs) Closing Balance (Rs)
2008-2009 5,00,000 3,67,439 6,44,853 2,22,586
2009-2010 2,22,586 9,47,646 7,03,711 4,66,521
2010-2011 4,66,521 8,53,154 5,00,301 8,19,374
2011-2012 8,19,374 10,89,246 11,47,389 7,61,231
2012-2013 7,61,231 13,40,023 11,34,189 9,67,065
2013-2014 9,67,065 18,38,763 10,81,917 17,23,911
2014-2015 17,23,911 9,70,518 13,73,252 13,21,177
2015-2016 13,21,177 12,45,043 16,22,233 09,43,987
2016-2017 09,43,987 23,06,951 14,42,168 18,08,770
2017-2018 18,08,770 03,52,964 17,76,874 03,84,860
2018-2019 03,84,860 13,82,246 10,36,639 06,00,002
2019-2020 06,00,002 11,18,319 5,77,212 11,41,109
(*Including FD of Rs.5.00 Lakh)

Faculty Position

Post Sanctioned Filled Post Vacant Remark
1.Professor 1 1 -  
2.Associate Professor 2 1 1  
3.Assistant Professor 4 4 - Services two Asstt. Professors were pooled to Dr ASCAET, Rahuri & one post pooled to CoA, Muktainagar
4. Agricultural Assistant 2 2 - One Asstt. for Section &another Asstt. looks after day today activities of Seed Processing Plant
5.Peon 2 1 1  
6.Bullock man - 1* -  
Total 12 10 2  
  1. Well established mother orchard of Mango, Guava, Acid lime (Phule Sharbati & Sai Sharbati), Sweet orange (Phule Mosambi), Aonla (Krishna, Kanchan & NA-7), Pomegranate (Bhagwa), Pomegranate (Bhagwa Super), Custard apple (Phule Purander), Custard apple (Phule Janki), and Sapota along with well established commercial nursery unit.
  2. Well established commercial orchard of different fruit crops.
  3. Produced and sold 2.5 lakhs seedlings of Phule Sharbati and Sai Sharbati and distributed to the needy growers during last five years. Also 29,000 ornamental plants sold to the various agencies and individual house/bungalow owners.
  4. Erected two shade net houses on 1256 sq. m. in the year 2014-15 and 500 sq. m. in 2010-11 for practical and nursery purpose.
  5. Renovated all shed houses, store house and tractor and equipment sheds with meta-colour sheets.
  6. Constructed office come store house of Rs. 10.00 lakhs for garden Superintendent during 2015-16.
  7. Chain link fencing of Nursery is done during 2018-2019 of Rs.2.00 lakhs