Agricultural Extension and Communication


In this context, Extension Education wing of the College of Agriculture, Dhule was established in 1960-61. Now from 2019-20 the section is renamed as Agricultural Extension and Communication Section.

The agricultural extension subject is incorporated in agriculture education for all round development of students. It helps the students to use democratic methods in educating the farmers and helps in studying and solving the rural problems.

Besides this agricultural extension helps:

  • To increase farm yields of farming community,
  • To bring about all- round development of rural people,
  • To raise the standard of living of rural people and
  • To increase the facilities for social, cultural and entertainment programmes for rural people.

Extension Development block

Extension Development block was attached to Agril. Extension and Communication Section of this college in 1962. The block serves as a laboratory for providing scientific and supervised training in the subject of Extension Education. The first old Extension Development Block started functioning in the year 1962 it constitutes 44 villages divided into 7 circles. It was in continuation upt 1998.

Extension Development Block and villages (from 1962-1998)

Sr. No. Circle Name Villages in a Circle
1 Dhadre Dhadre, Arvi, Hendrun, Moghan, Purmepada, Bendrepada
2 Babhulwadi Babhulwadi, Vadjai, Saundane, Gartad, Ranmala, Naraval
3 Kalkhede Kalkhede, Amdad, Ajang, Fagne, Balapur
4 Anchale Anchale, Chinchkhede, Bhirdai, Bhirdane, Mukati, Savlitanda
5 Vani Vani, Navalnagar, Malane, Vadgaon, Ambobe
6 Dhanur Dhanur, Lnokute, Tamswadi , Kavthal, Kapdne
7 Tisgaon Tisgaon, Dhadane, Nagaon, Dhamane, Deobhane
8 Nyhalod Nyhalod, Biladi, Kundane, Nimkhedi, Japi

The new Extension Development Block started functioning in the year 1998 as per Executive Councils Resolution No.5 dated 27/04/1998. Now it constitutes about 44 villages divided into 7 circles..

Present Extension Development Block and villages (from 1998)

Sr. No. Circle Name Villages in a Circle
1 Kusumba Kusumba, Akalad, Morane, Chaugaon, Gotane, Udane
2 Ner Ner, Lonkhedi, Khandlay, Aayane, Shirdhane, Bhadane
3 Deoor bk. Deoor br., Deoorkh., Ubhand, Nandre, Pimparde
4 Mhasdi Mhasdi, Kalgaon, Bhadgaon, Shevali, Kakani, Chinchkheda
5 Behed Behed, Vitai, Nilgavhan, Datarti, Darkhel, Dhamnar
6 Pimpalner Pimpalner, Deshshirvade, Dhongade, Pankheda, Samode, Shenpur
7 Ghodade Ghodade, Dahivel, Bhongaon, Surpan, Kirwade

The college extension block had carried out the various extension activities in block villages under the guidance of Professor of Extension Education in consultation with Associate Dean of AC, Dhule. The activities reported as below,

Extension Activities carried out in College Development Block

• Training to Farmers, Farm women and youth
• Seminar, Workshops
• Group Discussion
• Farm and Home visits
• Demonstrations
• Method Demonstrations
• Result Demonstrations
• Front line Demonstrations
• Farmers Rallies
• Field Visits , ShivarPheries
• Farmers Tour
• Shetakarimelawas
• Seed Distribution programme
• Publication Sale (Krishidarshani, ShriSugi)

Sr. No. Date Name of Training No. of Participants
1 14.03.2017 to
Soft Skills Training Programme
( For Faculty Member )
2 20.03.2017 to
Soft Skills Training Programme
( For Students )
3 05.03.2018 to
Communication Skills & Personality Development Training Programme ( For Students ) 100
4 11.03.2019 to 15.03.2019 Soft Skills Development Programme (For Assistant Professor and above) 40
5 11.03.2019 to 12.03.2019 Soft skills Development Programme (For Agril. Assistant and Ministerial Staff) 50
6 12.03.2019 to 14.03.2019 Personality Development and Communication Skills (For Students) 170


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  2. College at a Glance, MPKV/ACD/EXTN/Publi No. 2183/2018
  3. Vision 2030 : AC Dhule, MPKV/ACD/EXTN/Publi No. 2184/2018
  4. Compendium on MSc. Agri. Theses Abstracts (2011-18), MPKV/ACD/Edn/Publi No. 201/2018


1. Total Courses for Extension Education Section

Sr. No. Semester Credits
Theory Practical Total
1 Major Courses (New) 9 6 15
2 Major Courses (Old) 5 6 11
3 Non-Gradial UG Courses 2 1 3
4 Non-Gradial PG Courses 1 0 1
Total 17 13 30


Name of Faculty Dr J. P. Gaikwad
Mobile No. 9404112177
Email ID
Designation Associate Professor (Agril. Extension)
Qualification M.Sc. (Agri.), Ph.D. (Agril. Extn.)
Publication (Only Nos.)
i) Scientific 10
ii) Technical 5
iii) Extension -
iv) Books 1
v) Any other info (very specific) -
Recognized Teacher and Guide ship (if any)
Recognized Guide M.Sc. in Agril. Extension of MPKV, Rahuri
Guide ship Students
i) Major Guide to M.Sc. Student 2 M.Sc. students (2 new)
ii) Member Advisory Committee to M.Sc. Student 8 M.Sc. students

Faculty Position

Sr. No. Name of the Scheme/ Department Sanctioned Filled Vacant Remark
1 Extension Education
a. Professor 1 - 1 Vacant
b. Associate Professor 1 - 1 Vacant
c. Assistant Professor 2 2 -  
d. Jr. Res. Assistant 1 1* - Study leave
e. Agril. Assistant 9 4 5  
f. Dark Room Assistant 1   1 Vacant
2 Research Scheme
a. Sr. Res. Assistant 1 1* - Study leave
b. Jr. Res. Assistant 3 - 3 Vacant
c. Peon 2 1 1 -
Total 21 9* 12 * 2 on Study Leave


Sr. No Name of the Project Year Res. Recommendation
1 A study of leisure time utilization by the rural youth from Dhule district. 2010-11 The rural youth are engage in agriculture and allied enterprise like dairy but they are not having enough knowledge and skill, Therefore it is recommended to impart in depth training to rural youths for developing agriculture entrepreneurship.
2 A study of goat rearing management practice in western Maharashtra 2011-12 In split of having good knowledge of fodder management there is a low adoption. It is recommended to motivate the goat keepers by organizing demonstrations and exposure visits.
  Impact of National Horticulture Mission (NHM) on beneficiaries 2011-12 Simplified documents procedure of NHM proposals, timely and adequate availability of quality grafts/planting materials with training on orchard management to beneficiaries for purchasing the production potential of National Horticulture Mission is recommended.
3 A Study on Varietal Preference and Production Technology of Onion 2015-16 Seed production programme of university released onion varieties it is recommended to be undertaken in cluster of villages for increasing seed availability. Also, for increasing the adoption of seed treatments, fertilizer dose, drying and curing of onions and use of fungicides in onion storage structures, Agricultural University and State Agriculture Department should organize trainings, demonstrations and group discussion on large scale.
4 Assessment of Knowledge and Adoption of MPKV recommendations of Pearl millet. 2015-16 A farmers knowledge and adoption of high iron content Bajara variety Dhanshakti (81 ppm) is low, it is recommended that the Bajara Research Scheme and Private Seed Company should jointly create awareness through use of media in public-private partnership mode. SHGs should make available products prepared from this variety in the market for anemic women and children.
5 Assessment of Knowledge and Adoption of Crop Production Technology of Chickpea in Dhule District. 2015-16 Enhancement of chickpea productivity by application of IPM technology and use of sprinkler for protective irrigation is necessary. It is recommended that the state Agriculture University and State Department of Agriculture should popularize these technologies through use of mass media and by organizing trainings and demonstrations as to increase its low knowledge and adoption.
6 A Study of Crop Production Technology in Pomegranate by the farmers 2016-17  
7 A Study on Impact of Pomegranate production Technologies on the Socio-economic Status of the Pomegranate Growers in Dhule Direct of Maharashtra 2017-18  
8 Impact of MPKV released varieties of Gram 2018-19  
9 A study on awareness of Fall Army Worm Pest amongst Maize growers. 2019-20  
10 Uttilzation of Plant Protection measures for mitigation of Pink Boll worm by cotton growers 2019-20  

Research Recommendations

• Other Research Projects

Sr. No. Name of Project Project title Jurisdiction Responsibility
1 RKVY - Farmer FIRST Integrated Farming System Model Technology Jalgaon Co Principal Investigator
2 ICAR- Farmer FIRST Socio-Economic Empowerment of Farmers Through Farming System Interventions for Sustainable Agriculture Development in Ahmednagar District Ahmednagar Co Principal Investigator